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Kos Technologies Inc.
The Rumble Robot Safety Mount 

  The Rumble Robot Safety Mount is designed to prevent expensive damage and downtime caused when a robot end effector strikes a work-piece or other obstruction. This can result from programming errors, welding wire sticking, improper work-piece positioning, and obstructions from open clamps. The Safety Mount incorporates a built in switch that shuts down the robotic system in response to a 1/8 in. (3mm) deflection of the welding gun or other tool or gripper. This prevents damage to the robot, work-piece and fixture. Once the obstruction is cleared, the Safety Mount automatically resets tool to the original position and the robotic system is ready to resume production. This contrasts with ‘breakaway’ devices that require time consuming reassembly and re-programming whenever a shutdown occurs. The rugged, sealed unit weighs only 900g (2 lb) and is electrically insulated from the robot arm. The Safety Mount attaches directly to all popular robots by means of an insulated wrist-flange adaptor. Brackets are available to suit a variety of gun, tool, or gripper dimensions. 
Standard Features
  •  Automatic resetting tool to original position, following a shutdown. Rugged, sealed unit weighs only 900g(2lb) 
  • Adapts to most robots in industrial use. 
  • Flange adaptor insulates mount and torch/gun/tool from robot arm.
  • Built in micro-switch (NO or NC) stops action of robot via hold or EStop circuit with minimum deflection in any radial or angular direction.
  • Different weight, load and deflection force capacities are available through interchangeable light, medium or heavy springs. 
  • Detachable gauge bars for accurate setting of wire impingement point.
  • Different welding torch brackets for various size torch barrel diameters and angle positions. 
  • Mounting brackets, supplied to customer specifications, for other applications – ie, plasma torch or water-jet cutting, material handling, and painting.
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